The above picture was taken October 2015. Here in 2017 we are currently 5 Postdocs, 2 PhD students, 3 MSc students and 1 BSc student in the lab. Below you can find an overview of the current lab members as well as main collaborators and alumni with links to their personal profiles.

Lab members

Ebbe Sloth Andersen, PI
Cody Geary, Postdoc
Mette Jepsen, Postdoc
Guido Grossi, Postdoc
Steffen Sparvath, Postdoc
Ilenia Manuguerra, Postdoc
Andreas Bøggild, Postdoc
Postdoc position
Ane Andreassen, PhD student
Michael Nguyen, PhD student
PhD position
Mads Jeppesen, MSc student
Rita Rosendahl, lab technician
Claus Bus, lab technician


Denis Selnihin, PhD
Ditte Høyer Engholm, PhD
Maria Jensen, MSc
Caroline, MSc
Peter Loof, BSc
Tenna Henriksen, BSc
Simon Fruergaard, AC-Bachelor

Open positions

Postdoc position in RNA nanotechnology

This Postdoc project focuses on further developing RNA origami nanostructures as scaffolds for proteins. The project involves computer-aided design and simulations of folding kinetics, molecular biology techniques for cloning, expression and purification, and high-resolution biophysical characterization using e.g. cryo-electron microscopy at the Titan-Krios EM facility at Aarhus University.

Application deadline June 15, 2017

Apply here

Postdoc postion in RNA synthetic biology

This Postdoc project aims at developing RNA scaffolds for multiple enzymes to optimize and regulate the metabolic flux of metabolic pathways. The project involves RNA biochemistry and molecular biology, fluorescence spectroscopy and microscopy, cloning and expression, enzymatic assays and CRISPR/Cas9 technology.

Application deadline June 15, 2017

Apply here

PhD position in RNA nanotechnology

Design and characterize RNA scaffolds for organizing protein components. The RNA-protein nanostructures will be characterized using state-of-the-art biophysical characterization techniques and applied as tools for reprogramming cellular properties for applications in synthetic biology. The project involves computer-aided design (CAD) of biomolecular complexes, biochemistry and molecular biology techniques, and transmission and cryo electron microscopy.

Application deadline August 1, 2017

Apply here

PhD position through the GSST open call

You are welcome to discuss possible research project in the Andersen Lab and apply for a PhD position through the GSST open call with your own project description.

Apply here

Please contact Ebbe for more details or a chance to visit the lab and discuss your research ideas. Students are very welcome to discuss possible PhD, MSc or BSc projects in the lab:

Ebbe Sloth Andersen, Associate Professor
Interdisciplinary Nanoscience Center 
Aarhus University, Denmark 
Phone: +45 41 17 86 19 
Email: esa@inano.au.dk