As part of our research effort we design software tools.

RNA origami design scripts

Trace is a Perl script that can take RNA motif design files from an ASCII format, and convert it to a format for sequence analysis: https://github.com/esa-lab/trace

The ligate script helps in merging pdb files: https://github.com/esa-lab/ligate

DNA origami design software

In 2008 we developed the SARSE RNA design package. It will be made available here as a historical reference. The Cadnano software has become the standard for DNA origami design. We have published a tutorial for DNA origami design.

Protein H-bonds geometry server


Software news

2016.03.20 | Software

Tutorial for RNA origami design available

Steffen Sparvath publishes a book chapter describing a tutorial for RNA origami design.

2014.03.20 | Software

RNA design software released

In connection with the Science paper on single stranded RNA origami we have made our scripts available.