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2018.10.08 | Knowledge exchange

Lab exhibited at the museum

Mette's lab bench and and Guido's DNA vault have been exhibited at the local science museum in an exhibition called "Science is passion" that has been made in relation to the 100 year birthday of the local Nobel laureate Jens Christian Skou.

2018.10.08 | Knowledge exchange

Book about research life

Our lab is represented in a recent book called "Videnskab er lidenskab".

2018.09.01 | Positions

Guido Grossi extended

Postdoc Guido Grossi has been extended for 1 year to continue his work on RNA-protein nanostructures for synthetic biology.

2018.09.01 | People

Cody Geary extended

Postdoc Cody Geary has been extended for 1 year to continue his work on design software for RNA origami structures.

2018.08.24 | People

Visit by Elisa Franco

Elisa Franco from UC Riverside visited our lab to discuss current and future collaboration projects.

2018.07.03 | Positions

Postdoc position on RNA aptamer selection

We are seeking an expert to work on RNA-based biosensors for applications in metabolic engineering - a project funded by the Novo Nordisk Foundation. Deadline for applications is September 1, 2018.

2018.07.03 | Positions

Industrial PhD position on RNA-aptamer based screening in droplets

We seek a candidate for an Industrial PhD from the Innovation Fund Denmark. The PhD project is a collaboration between the Andersen Lab and Novo Nordisk to work on developing fluorescent aptamer sensors for high-throughput screening of secretory phenotypes in droplets.

2018.06.28 | People

Bachelor degree to Jakob Smidt

Jakob Smidt has gotten his bachelor degree based on his report on RNA origami trigger systems. A job well done resulting in top grade. Congrats!

2018.06.22 | People

Master degree to Mads Jeppesen

Mads defended his thesis on de novo protein design and received top grade for his efforts. 

2018.06.21 | People

New PhD student: Nestor Sampedro

Néstor Sampedro has been accepted for the DNA-Robotics PhD position in our lab by the Graduate School for Science and Technology (GSST). Congrats to Nestor and welcome! He will be part of the European network on DNA-based nanorobotics (DNA-Robotics) funded by the European Commission – Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions.

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