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2016.03.03 | Knowledge exchange

Public outreach: 'videnskab.dk'

A member of the Andersen Lab has started to publish her comic strip on the Danish science site videnskab.dk. Here it is possible to follow the progress of her work on visualizing the bacterium pneumococcus in Danish cartoons.

2016.02.29 | Research news

News story: EUR 2 million grant to RNA origami research

News from the Faculty of Science and Technology about the ERC consolidator grant that was awarded to Ebbe S. Andersen to conduct research on RNA origami for synthetic biology applications.

2016.01.01 | Awards

Funding: ERC Consolidator Grant

The ERC Consolidator Grant was awarded to Ebbe S. Andersen to work on RNA origami for synthetic biology applications.

2015.11.02 | Knowledge exchange

Media coverage: DR Viden

The Danish science news site DR Viden published the article "Ditte's PhD project fuses art and science” about a current PhD project. The project aims to visualize, as accurately as possible, the inside of a pneumococcal cell.

2015.09.03 | Publication

Commentary: DNA origami rewired

Ebbe publishes a commentary in Nature Nanotechnology about recent research from the Yan lab on producing wireframe DNA origami shapes.

2014.12.17 | Publication

Research article: Hydrogen bond rotations as a uniform structural tool for analyzing protein architecture

Penner, R., Andersen, E. S., Jensen, J. L., et al., 17.12.2014, "Hydrogen bond rotations as a uniform structural tool for analyzing protein architecture", Nature Communications, vol. 5. Journal article

2014.11.13 | Publication, Software

Book chapter: Computer-Aided Design of DNA Origami Structures

Denis Selnihhin publishes a book chapter describing a tutorial for DNA origami design. The chapter "Computer-Aided Design of DNA Origami Structures" is published in "Methods in Molecular Biology". The book is called "Computational Methods in Synthetic Biology" edited by Mario Andrea Marchisio.

2014.10.22 | Publication

Publication: Biozoom Vol 3 2014

Members of Visualization Lab edited and published in Biozoom Vol 3 2014 on Scientific Visualization: www.biokemi.org/biozoom (Cover illustration by David S. Goodsell).

2014.10.22 | Public/media

CFP: More Than Pretty Pictures

The international conference More Than Pretty Pictures – the Aesthetics of Data Representation held 13-16 April 2015 is now open for submission of papers. The call closes on 6 December 2014.

2014.08.15 | Software

RNA design software released

In connection with our paper "A single-stranded architecture for cotranscriptional folding of RNA nanostructures" published in Science, we have made our scripts available at our website. The scripts were used to design the single-stranded RNA origami structures presented in the paper.

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