The main product of our research effort is the presentation of the results in journal articles. In these pages you will find lists of our publications.

Research articles

Research commentary

Review articles

Book chapters

PhD theses

  • Visual Review of the Human Pathogen Streptococcus pneumoniae
    Ditte Høyer Engholm
  • DNA Nanostructures to Control Enzymatic Activities
    Guido Grossi
  • RNA Origami - Developing Cotranscriptionally Folded RNA Nanostructures for in vivo Applications
    Steffen Sparvath
  • Development of DNA origami single molecule biosensor
    Denis Selnihhin

Master theses

  • E. coli as a biosensor using fluorescent RNA aptamers for in vivo detection
    Maria Jensen
  • Programming Biosynthetic Pathways using RNA Origami Structures
    Ane Andreassen

Bachelor theses

  • (Title will appear later)
    Tenna Vesterman Henriksen
  • Cellular Interfacing with Self-assembled Nucleic Acids
    Ane Andreassen
  • Self-Assembly of a Dynamic 3D RNA-DNA Origami Structure Characterized by FRET Studies
    Steffen Sparvath

Publication news

2018.01.02 | Publication

Research article: Development of a genetically encodable FRET system using fluorescent RNA aptamers

Mette D. E. Jepsen and Steffen M. Sparvath have published their work on an RNA aptamer-based FRET system in Nature Communications.

2017.10.19 | Publication

Research article: Control of enzyme reactions by a reconfigurable DNA nanovault

Guido Grossi paper on the construction of a DNA nanovault to control enzyme activity is finally published in Nature Communications. Congratulations Guido!!!

2017.10.05 | Publication

Review article: A visual review of Streptococcus pneumoniae

Ditte Høyer Engholm publishes her visual review of Streptococcus pneumoniae in FEMS Microbiology Reviews.

2017.09.04 | Publication

Book chapter: Visualizing the bacterium Streptococcus pneumoniae

Ditte Høyer Engholm has published an article in the book "The Aesthetics of Scientific Data Representation - More than Pretty Pictures” edited by Lotte Philipsen, Rikke Schmidt Kjærgaard.

2017.08.31 | Publication

Research article: Construction of a Polyhedral DNA 12-Arm Junction for Self-Assembly of Wireframe DNA Lattices

Ilenia Manuguerra published a work on ACS Nano about design, assembly and characterization of a new DNA motif for self-assembly of DNA wireframe lattices. The work is the result of a collaboration among 4 research groups at iNANO, Aarhus University.

2016.11.20 | Publication

Book chapter: Computer-Aided Design of RNA Origami Structures

Steffen publishes a book chapter called "Computer-Aided Design of RNA Origami Structures" in "Methods in Molecular Biology". The book is called "3D DNA Nanostructures" edited by Yonggang Ke and Pengfei Wang.

2016.08.31 | Publication

PhD Thesis: DNA Nanostructures to Control Enzymatic Activities

The thesis describes the work of the PhD studies of Guido Grossi.

2015.09.03 | Publication

Commentary: DNA origami rewired

Ebbe publishes a commentary in Nature Nanotechnology about recent research from the Yan lab on producing wireframe DNA origami shapes.

2014.12.17 | Publication

Research article: Hydrogen bond rotations as a uniform structural tool for analyzing protein architecture

Penner, R., Andersen, E. S., Jensen, J. L., et al., 17.12.2014, "Hydrogen bond rotations as a uniform structural tool for analyzing protein architecture", Nature Communications, vol. 5. Journal article

2014.10.22 | Publication

Publication: Biozoom Vol 3 2014

Members of Visualization Lab edited and published in Biozoom Vol 3 2014 on Scientific Visualization: www.biokemi.org/biozoom (Cover illustration by David S. Goodsell).