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The main product of our research effort is the presentation of the results in journal articles. In these pages you will find lists of our publications.

Research articles


  • High-resolution structures and conformational dynamics of RNA origami during folding
    McRae, Rasmussen, Liu, Bøggild, Nguyen, Sampedro Vallina, Boesen, Pedersen, Ren, Geary, Andersen* (ResearchSquare 2022) (in revision)
  • Cryo-EM structure and functional landscape of an RNA polymerase ribozyme
    McRae, Wan, Kristoffersen, Hansen, Gianni, Gallego, Curran, Attwater, Holliger*, Andersen* (bioRxiv 2022) (ResearchSquare 2022)
  • RNA origami scaffolds as a cryo-EM tool for investigating aptamer-ligand binding of a Broccoli-Pepper FRET pair 
    Sampedro Vallina, McRae, Hansen, Boussebayle, Andersen* (bioRxiv 2022)

  • Utilizing RNA origami scaffolds in Saccharomyces cerevisiae for dCas9-mediated transcriptional control 
    Pothoulakis, Nguyen, Andersen* (Nucleic Acid Research 2022)
  • Synthetic Translational Regulation by Protein-Binding RNA Origami Scaffolds 
    Nguyen, Pothoulakis, Andersen* (ACS Syn Bio 2022)


  • RNA origami design tools enable cotranscriptional folding of kilobase-sized nanoscaffolds
    Geary, Grossi, McRae, Rothemund* & Andersen* (Nature Chemistry 2021) (free SharedIt link)
  • Multivalent Aptamer‐Functionalized Single‐Strand RNA Origami as Effective, Target‐Specific Anticoagulants with Corresponding Reversal Agents
    Krissanaprasit, Key, Froehlich, Pontula, Mihalko, Dupont, Andersen, Kjems, Brown & LaBean (Adv. Healthcare Mater. 2021)
  • Fluorogenic aptamers resolve the flexibility of RNA junctions using orientation-dependent FRET
    Jeng, Trachman, Weissenboek, Troung, Link, Jepsen, Knutson, Andersen, Ferré-D'Amaré & Unrau (RNA 2021)


Review articles

Research commentary

Book chapters

  • Design and production of RNA origami as protein scaffolds and biosensors
    Vallina, Geary, Jepsen, Andersen, Methods in Molecular Biology (in press 2022)

  • Computer-Aided Design of RNA Origami Structures
    Sparvath, Geary & Andersen, Methods in Molecular Biology 2017

PhD theses

  • Taking RNA nanotechnology in vivo
    Ane Andreassen, 2018
  • Visual Review of the Human Pathogen Streptococcus pneumoniae
    Ditte Høyer Engholm, 2017
  • RNA Origami — Developing Cotranscriptionally Folded RNA Nanostructures for in vivo Applications
    Steffen Lynge Sparvath, 2017
  • DNA Nanostructures to Control Enzymatic Activities
    Guido Grossi, 2016
  • Development of DNA Origami Single Molecule Biosensor
    Denis Selnihhin, 2015

Master theses

  • (Title will be added later)
    Michael Nguyen (Part A - progress report), 2018
  • (Title will be added later)
    Mads Jeppesen, 2018
  • Stability and Sensing Studies using Co-transcriptional single stranded RNA Origami in Escherichia coli
    Ane Helene Langvad Andreassen (Part A - progress report), 2017
  • E. coli as a Biosensor using Fluorescent RNA Aptamers for in vivo Detection
    Maria Færch Jensen, 2017
  • Aptamer-based detection of small molecules for DNA origami nanotechnology
    Caroline Filippa Langfeldt Knabe, 2016
  • A DNA Origami Nanostructure to Control Enzymatic Activities
    Guido Grossi (Part A - progress report), 2015
  • Programming Biosynthetic Pathways using RNA Origami Structures
    Ane Helene Langvad Andreassen, 2015
  • RNA Origami Designs: Developing Novel 3D RNA Structures with Multiple Functionalities
    Steffen Lynge Sparvath (Part A - progress report), 2014

Bachelor theses

  • (Title will be added later)
    Jakob Smidt, 2018
  • A Broad Range RNA Biosensor for miRNA Detection
    Tenna Vesterman Henriksen, 2016
  • A Biosensor Based on Rolling Circle Transcription
    Mads Jeppesen, 2016
  • (Title will be added later)
    Peter Loof Møller, 2016
  • (Title will be added later)
    Maria Færch Jensen, 2014
  • (Title will be added later)
    Christina Moeslund Madsen, 2014
  • (Title will be added later)
    Leandro Andrés Escobar-Herrera, 2014
  • (Title will be added later)
    Trine Tamberg, 2014
  • Cellular Interfacing with Self-assembled Nucleic Acids
    Ane Helene Langvad Andreassen, 2013
  • (Title will be added later)
    Caroline Filippa Langfeldt Knabe, 2013
  • (Title will be added later)
    Minh Lon Lu, 2013
  • Self-Assembly of a Dynamic 3D RNA-DNA Origami Structure Characterized by FRET Studies
    Steffen Lynge Sparvath, 2011

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