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We love to tell about our research to anybody who wants to hear about it. On this page you can find information about our outreach activities to high-school students and the public. 

Research lab exhbited at the Steno Museum

We contributed to the exhibition "Profession is passion" at the local science museum. The exhibition was opened at the 100 years birthday of Nobel laureate Jens Christian Skou, whose office forms the centre of the exhibition.The focus of the exhibition is: What is it that compels a researcher? Our lab was was chosen to represent the theme "collaboration and competition". Mette and Ebbe were interviewed and a reconstruction of one of our lab benches is on exhibit. Also 3D prints of the DNA origami box and the DNA enzyme vault are exhibited. In connection with this we also contributed with material to a book on the topic of the exhibition (buy it here). Ebbe was also involved as an advisor in 3D printing a 1 meter tall model of the Natrium-Potassium pump, which forms a central monument in the exhibition. The exhibition can be visited during 2019-2022 and is described in more detail here.

DNA origami exercise: Create shapes and text at the nanoscale

We have developed an exercise based on the DNA origami method, which allows to try self-assembling nanostructures using DNA strands and labelling them with proteins in order to write letters at the nanoscale. Atomic force microscopy (AFM) is used to observe the DNA origami shapes. The exercise can both be done as a high school class visiting iNANO or as an individual study direction report (SRP). The exercise has been used for 10 years, was originally developed by Ebbe S. Andersen, but has been further developed by Rasmus Schøler Sørensen, Anders Okholm, and Rasmus Thomsen. See more information here and the protocol here.

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