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The main product of our research effort is the presentation of the results in journal articles. In these pages you will find lists of our publications.

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    PhD theses

    • Taking RNA nanotechnology in vivo
      Ane Andreassen, 2018
    • Visual Review of the Human Pathogen Streptococcus pneumoniae
      Ditte Høyer Engholm, 2017
    • RNA Origami — Developing Cotranscriptionally Folded RNA Nanostructures for in vivo Applications
      Steffen Lynge Sparvath, 2017
    • DNA Nanostructures to Control Enzymatic Activities
      Guido Grossi, 2016
    • Development of DNA Origami Single Molecule Biosensor
      Denis Selnihhin, 2015

    Master theses

    • (Title will be added later)
      Michael Nguyen (Part A - progress report), 2018
    • (Title will be added later)
      Mads Jeppesen, 2018
    • Stability and Sensing Studies using Co-transcriptional single stranded RNA Origami in Escherichia coli
      Ane Helene Langvad Andreassen (Part A - progress report), 2017
    • E. coli as a Biosensor using Fluorescent RNA Aptamers for in vivo Detection
      Maria Færch Jensen, 2017
    • Aptamer-based detection of small molecules for DNA origami nanotechnology
      Caroline Filippa Langfeldt Knabe, 2016
    • A DNA Origami Nanostructure to Control Enzymatic Activities
      Guido Grossi (Part A - progress report), 2015
    • Programming Biosynthetic Pathways using RNA Origami Structures
      Ane Helene Langvad Andreassen, 2015
    • RNA Origami Designs: Developing Novel 3D RNA Structures with Multiple Functionalities
      Steffen Lynge Sparvath (Part A - progress report), 2014

    Bachelor theses

    • (Title will be added later)
      Jakob Smidt, 2018
    • A Broad Range RNA Biosensor for miRNA Detection
      Tenna Vesterman Henriksen, 2016
    • A Biosensor Based on Rolling Circle Transcription
      Mads Jeppesen, 2016
    • (Title will be added later)
      Peter Loof Møller, 2016
    • (Title will be added later)
      Maria Færch Jensen, 2014
    • (Title will be added later)
      Christina Moeslund Madsen, 2014
    • (Title will be added later)
      Leandro Andrés Escobar-Herrera, 2014
    • (Title will be added later)
      Trine Tamberg, 2014
    • Cellular Interfacing with Self-assembled Nucleic Acids
      Ane Helene Langvad Andreassen, 2013
    • (Title will be added later)
      Caroline Filippa Langfeldt Knabe, 2013
    • (Title will be added later)
      Minh Lon Lu, 2013
    • Self-Assembly of a Dynamic 3D RNA-DNA Origami Structure Characterized by FRET Studies
      Steffen Lynge Sparvath, 2011

    Publication news

    2021.05.10 | Publication, Software

    Research paper: RNA origami software and scaffolds

    Cody's paper published online in Nature Chemistry describing novel software and its use to create bigger and better scaffolds for proteins. Great contributions by Guido and Ewan and done in collaboration with Paul Rothemund. Free SharedIt link above.

    2021.04.26 | Publication

    Research paper: Enhanced RNA origami anticoagulant

    Together with our collaborators in the Thom LaBean lab we have published a new paper on enhanced RNA origami anticoagulants.

    2021.01.02 | Publication

    Research paper: Flexibility of RNA junctions

    We have published a paper with our collaborators on the application of apta-FRET for studying the flexibility of RNA junctions.

    2020.01.20 | Publication

    Research paper: Branched Kissing Loop motif

    We publish a new motif called the branched kissing loop (bKL) together with the Weizmann and Rothemund labs in Nature Chemistry.

    2019.04.10 | Publication

    Research paper: RNA Origami Anticoagulant

    Together with our collaborators in the Thom LaBean lab we have published a paper on the application of RNA origamis for control of blood clotting.

    2019.04.02 | Publication

    Research paper: Out-of-Plane Aptamer Functionalization of RNA Origami

    Together with the Simmel lab we published a study on functionalization of RNA origami structures.

    2018.12.06 | Publication

    Research article: Topological complexity of biomolecules

    We introduce genus trace and find that it encodes interesting physical and biological information about the three dimensional structural complexity of RNA and protein molecules.

    2018.05.29 | Publication

    Research article: An RNA origami octahedron with intrinsic siRNAs for potent gene knockdown

    Hans Christian Høiberg and Steffen M. Sparvath have published their work on an RNA origami with intrinsic siRNAs in Biotechnology Journal. The project started out as a contribution to the 2011 BIOMOD competition.

    2018.05.25 | Publication

    Research article: Multifluorophore DNA Origami Beacon as a Biosensing Platform

    Denis Selnihhin has published his work on a Multifluorophore DNA Origami Sensor in ACS Nano.

    2018.01.02 | Publication

    Research article: Development of a genetically encodable FRET system using fluorescent RNA aptamers

    Mette D. E. Jepsen and Steffen M. Sparvath have published their work on an RNA aptamer-based FRET system in Nature Communications.

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