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2021.01.02 | Publication

Research paper: Flexibility of RNA junctions

We have published a paper with our collaborators on the application of apta-FRET for studying the flexibility of RNA junctions.

2020.12.03 | Awards

Funding: Carlsberg equipment grant

The lab has received funding from the Carlsberg Foundation for new purification equipment and computer ressources for cryo-EM research.

2020.12.01 | People

Cody gets 3-year assistant professor position

Cody gets 3-year position as assistant professor in RNA nanotechnology funded by our recent Novo Nordisk Foundation grant and the CELLPAT center of Professor Jørgen Kjems.

2020.11.20 | Awards

Funding: Network with Japanese researchers

Grant from the Ministry of Education and Research to establish research collaborations with researchers from Japan. Project is led by Associate Professor Frans Mulder and also involves Daniel Otzen and our research group.

2020.11.01 | People

Adrien gets 2-year Postdoc position

Adrien got a 2-year postdoc position in the lab to further develop in vitro selection methods for sensor application funded by the Novo Nordisk Foundation.

2020.10.05 | People

Mette gets new job as center manager

From the 5th of October 2020, Mette Jepsen was promoted to Assistant Professor in the Andersen Lab, but on November 1st she moved on to a position as center manager at the center for Electromicrobiolology.

2020.07.03 | Awards

Funding: NNF Ascending Investigator Grant

The lab has received a grant from the Novo Nordisk Foundation for working on an "RNA-based platform for metabolic pathway engineering".

2020.05.29 | Knowledge exchange

Coronavirus music project

Cody made a script that converts coronavirus RNA structure into musical intervals and rhythm. Lock-down has resulted in new ways of science :-)

2020.05.29 | Knowledge exchange

Affinity Designer Tutorial

Cody has made a YouTube tutorial for Affinity designer with fun examples of chocolates and corona beer viruses.

2020.05.07 | Education news

Course on Biomolecular nanotechnology and synthetic biology

The master course has been updated with new name and course description. Will run again in Fall 2020.

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