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2020.07.03 | Awards

Funding: NNF Ascending Investigator Grant

The lab has received a grant from the Novo Nordisk Foundation for working on an "RNA-based platform for metabolic pathway engineering".

2020.05.29 | Knowledge exchange

Coronavirus music project

Cody made a script that converts coronavirus RNA structure into musical intervals and rhythm. Lock-down has resulted in new ways of science :-)

2020.05.29 | Knowledge exchange

Affinity Designer Tutorial

Cody has made a YouTube tutorial for Affinity designer with fun examples of chocolates and corona beer viruses.

2020.05.07 | Education news

Course on Biomolecular nanotechnology and synthetic biology

The master course has been updated with new name and course description. Will run again in Fall 2020.

2020.02.14 | Events

Pictures from lab retreat

A new group photo and a few photos from our workshop at Kalø, where we got an introduction from Anne Færch on publishing and worked on papers.

2020.01.20 | Publication

Research paper: Branched Kissing Loop motif

We publish a new motif called the branched kissing loop (bKL) together with the Weizmann and Rothemund labs in Nature Chemistry.

2019.09.13 | People

Cody Geary promoted to Assistant Professor

From the 1st of September 2019, Cody Geary has been employed as an Assistant Professor in the Andersen Lab. We look forward to continue to benefit from his vast and intuitive knowledge and understanding in RNA structures and software development. 

2019.06.23 | Events

Group picture 2019

A group picture was taken at the lab BBQ by Denis Selnihhin.

2019.06.12 | People

New PostDoc: Ewan McRae

On June 7th, our new PostDoc Ewan started in our group. He previously worked in Dr. Sean McKenna's lab at the University of Manitoba, where he investigated RNA G-quadruplexes and associated helicase proteins. In our group, he will work on single-particle cryo-EM analysis of RNA-protein complexes using RNA origami scaffolds.

2019.06.04 | People

Visitor from the Turberfield Lab: Joakim Bohlin

Currently, Joakin Bohlin, a PhD student from the Turberfield lab at Oxford University is visiting our lab. Joakim is a Marie Curie Early Stage Researcher in the DNA robotics ITN. His focus is on modular assembly of DNA and RNA simulations.

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